Commissioning of Smart Meters, a welcoming move in utility sector

July 2013, New Delhi

Smart electric meters provide a platform for energy efficiency improvements, new customer services, and network optimization. To achieve those goals, Agnitio is working closely with some renowned utility distribution companies on their upcoming projects. Over the last 3 months, they have successfully commissioned around 3 pilot projects across few tier 1 and tier 2 cities.

Smart meters have a role to play in relation to the key aspects including improving the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid, supporting the wide-scale introduction of energy meters across the clusters, and providing detailed information on the low-voltage network, helping to reduce network losses, improve outage management, and reduce the OPEX. Agnitio's dual source Smart Meters are not only related to consumer issues, but also to the large-scale energy infrastructure improvements, to support the entire energy value chain.

"We've adopted strategic expansion policies in association with some leading  Electricity DisComs (Distribution Companies) nationwide, to recognize the full range of potential lied in the robust two-way communications networks and smart metering. The utility sector in India is rapidly adopting new technologies as far as the smooth energy distribution is concern, and leading the way in smart grid technology by building a network that anticipates the needs of tomorrow's grid," said Agnitio CEO Mr. Debasis Ojha.