Corporate Overview

Sumeru Verde P. L. (formerly Agnitio Technologies P. L.) is a provider of completely integrated and optimized energy management solutions that are industry oriented, ready to deploy with best practices and tailored to suit the need of its clients.

While focusing in providing the full spectrum of smart energy metering and grid solution, data analytics, big data solution  for Energy & Utility domain, we are passionate in working towards sustainable energy efficiency and environmental solutions that transforms business processes.

Our ready to deploy products are:

Single Phase Smart Energy Meter
Three Phase Smart Energy Meter
Single Phase Prepaid Energy Meter
Three Phase Prepaid Energy Meter
LT/CT Meter
In-home display
Mobile application for Prepaid Energy Meter
Advanced Business Intelligence Tools

SEM portfolio will empower the private and public utility distributors with automated electric distribution systems with computerized sensors installed on the power lines, RF and sub stations as well as empowering them with smart technologies to predict energy consumption pattern of the users and also to adopt strategies to economize their energy expenditure.

We are instrumental in deploying smart solutions with the help of our global talent pool to assure reliable, well-planned and trustworthy delivery from any and all locations.

With the optimized use of resources and empowerment of the customers through intelligent use of technology, we are committed to build smart businesses for our client while adhering to international best practices and conducting business in a socially responsible manner.