CT Meters

Heightened demand for power availability, distributed generation, and greater efficiency are creating a need for more consumption and power quality measurements at the edge. Meeting this need, Sumeru Verde introduces a smart meters to offer 4×16 channels of load profile data; each of which can be configured independently for interval, size and collection settings.

Reliable, field-tested and accurate, this meter is based on a highly reliable power line based meshed network, proven to deliver 99.7-100% reliability.

Meter Types:

Key Features:




5 – 10 Amp.

Operating temperature:

Specified Operating Range: -10° to +55° C

Limited Operating Range: -25° to +55° C

Storage and Transport: -25° to +70° C

Voltage: 220V to 240V phase-to-neutral, 380V to 415V phase-to-phase, range -40% to +20%

Frequency: 50Hz +5%

Service type: 3-phase 4-wire Wye/Star, 3-phase 3 wire Wye/Star

Meter inclosure is an engineering grade polycarbonate plastic and is IP51 compliant.