Energy & Utility

The changing regulatory norms in utility sector, varying consumer demand & approach and ever increasing socio-political pressure on energy concerns and sustainability is compelling the Utility distributors across the word to realize and execute the smart grid program management. As a result they are not only experiencing the intelligent and efficient distribution of power but also realizing its extensive impact in their operations as well as on their consumers.

Today's Utility distributors are facing challenges with diminishing energy resources and an optimized distribution system, to efficiently deliver these resources. Additionally, energy suppliers and service providers also need to monitor and analyze the energy consumption behavior of their customers. Our Energy & Utility product and solution range will empower the private and public utility distributors with automated electric distribution systems with computerized sensors installed on the power lines and sub stations as well as empowering them with smart technologies to predict energy consumption pattern of the users and also to adopt strategies to economize their energy expenditure.

Similarly, due to high price of energy and the increasing environmental anxiety, the energy users are fairly concerned towards their energy consumption. With our smart energy management solutions, consumers will now have the transparency and visibility with the updated information regarding the energy consumed by their own unit and thus they can lower their consumption pattern based on the automated metering system. Time-based pricing options, such as Peak Time Rebates and Time-of-Use prices will empower consumers to make a good savings on their utility bills by consuming lower energy during peak hours and by using more during off-peak hours and in turn they can effectively reduce energy waste and carbon footprint while contributing towards a greener and healthier earth.


Smart Grid Maturity Model Consulting

Experience a whole new era of creating, delivering and capturing value

The Smart Grid Maturity Model (SGMM) is an analysis tool that all size utilities can use to plan smart grid deployment, whether installing two-way digital smart meters, deploying self-healing distribution technology or integrating data across the business operation prioritize their options, and measure their progress as they move toward the realization of a smart grid. SGMM can be used to assess a utility's current state of smart grid implementation, define its goals, and generate inputs into the planning and implementation processes.

It’s certainly a step in the right direction to provide customers with more information about power usage and outages, how often and what types of information to receive, as well as providing multiple delivery platform such as text messages, phone calls, online portals, emails and home mailings.

The Smart Grid Maturity Model can be categories as:

Sumeru Verde smart grid solutions provide improved reliability and end-to-end network data in near real-time. We bring to the table the integration skills, leading-edge technology, partner ecosystem, and business and regulatory expertise required to support every level of Smart Grid Maturity Model activities. We provide planning and business case development from pilot programs to full-scale execution. We addresses the challenges of rising energy costs, low responsive infrastructure and increased demand for reliability by leveraging all of the benefits of automation and digitization.