Meter Data Management (MDM)

Sumeru Verde Smart Meters are managed and monitored through Meter Data Management (MDM) solution that portrays simple, interactive and easily understandable graphical representation of all the necessary information like, total consumption at transformer level from Mains and generator, Consumer SMS & mail statistics, present active/inactive connections and total number of recharges done over a period of time. 

The application comes with an expanding library of compelling and useful modules for Energy distributors as well as Consumers to represent most essential information, and automatically summarizing building energy consumption report for at-a-glance viewing.

All Meters can be controlled individually from the MDM software. E.g. Setting load limit, Connection status etc. Administrator will get the flexibility to upgrade/downgrade the load limit for each connection, including remote connect/ disconnect option. Besides, consumers will get separate log in details to monitor their account status.




Our effective MDM solutions will ensure how much energy is being consumed. The energy management dashboards will provide visibility on the amount of energy consumed by individual work area, floor, building, or even organization-wide and take corrective action to mitigate any unnecessary consumption.