Residential Single Phase Smart Meters

Modular Residential Smart Meter Allows Utilities for complete management, diagnosis and effective control of energy meters to have a more Reliable Grid. Our Meters are the perfect combination of the most up-to-date technologies that combine the information generated from the  remote communications available at each time interval. It refers to the complete dimension and compilation system that includes customer units, communication networks between the customer and utility service provider, and data reception and management systems that make the information available to the service provider.


Meter Types:


Key Features:





10 – 60 Amp

Operating temperature:

Specified Operating Range: -10° to +55° C

Limited Operating Range:    -25° to +55° C

Storage and Transport::       -25° to +70° C

Normal Voltage: 240V phase-to-neutral, range -20% to +20% 

Frequency: 50Hz +5%

Service type: 1-phase, 2-wire

Communication support:

Meter inclosure is an engineering grade polycarbonate plastic and is IP51 compliant.